Moto Chop Shop

Modern Triumph Twins

Los Angeles, Ca

About The Shop

Moto Chop Shop was founded by Kevin Stanley in 2010.  Paired with his love for motorcycles, his strong customer service management background and tired of the traditional 9-5, Moto Chop Shop was born.  Kevin has been riding and wrenching on motorcycles for more than 30 years. Kevin has gained a unique appreciation for each and every style of motorcycle, specifically in the modern Triumph Twins.


We are a full service motorcycle shop specializing in 2001 and newer modern Triumph Twins.  We offer custom builds, full service, general maintenance and insurance repairs.  We have state of the art diagnostics software for complete diagnostics of your Triumph Twin.  We love servicing your earlier carb model Triumphs too!  We will work closely with you to service, maintain or build the motorcycle you want.  We are open by appointment only. Contact us today!

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